Introducing Fleximal

We are an Australian software development company specializing in SharePoint and .NET Applications. We already have a ground breaking, self developed tools to help our customers connect to the future of business. For example, our SharePoint Migration Tool SW1SH, is one of the first migration tools that have been developed in Australia.

Why us?

The benefit in choosing us is the understanding of business demands due to competing priorities of business operations. The team has previous grass roots business and management experience through to highly complex business situations. Combine this with business training and Information Technology systems training. This is leading to a high quality of workmanship, analysis and implementation of situationally appropriate software systems. (No two systems will be alike, because no two businesses are alike)

Our blog will discuss

In this blog thread, we will attempt to demystify the issues in business and information technology that face business today. The aim is to provide “You”, our business customers with the confidence and inspiration to move forward with our company and your business.

As we go along, we will be discussing several management theories and practices that can be transformed by Information Technology. We will explain jargon terms of what the business owner needs to know to achieve the next level of productivity. We will also discuss the pitfalls and benefits of small business.