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SW1SH | File Migration with ease and speed

One of the things we take most pride in is our commitment for innovation. To this day, FlexiMal remains an industry pioneer by having the first and only Australian-built document migration tool, SW1SH.

Our SharePoint migration tool SW1SH supports SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and File Share

SW1SH comes free with our services

We only have your best interest in mind, Thus, we always try to cut costs by using free but Microsoft-recommended tools for your migration job like Microsoft Migration API or new Migration Tool.

Do not just use these tools and try to convert SharePoint in to another File Share location. Most of the users realize late that it is a waste of time and cost. Get our advice. We will show you how to do SharePoint right to improve company productivity.

For many cases, we ideally carry out the migration through our tool SW1SH.

Speed and efficiency is always high priority

To keep up with the pace of today’s business and technology, we’ve designed SW1SH to overcome lagging and increase speed in file migration. We have tested migrations about 1M files in 5-6 days in On-Premises environment with metadata and versioning.

Proven performance through data capacity

Some leading migration tools struggle when the uploaded documents pass the 10k mark. We have tried and tested SW1SH to withstand over 1,000,000 items. Further, in large scale migrations, most tools fail due to SharePoint limitations whereas, SW1SH handles these limitations successfully with latest software technologies.

Worry-free file migration

SW1SH, our SharePoint migration tool, tracks logs within the migration process and allows for easy restoration from any point of disruption

Gives you value for money

Saving you what could cost thousands of dollars if you pay for a migration tool in the market, you don’t have to buy ours. We only charge for the file migration services. As a cost effective measure, don’t just pay for the tool; pay for the whole job.

Post Migration Support

We offer post migration checks and follow up services. Whether it’s to have SharePoint locations mapped as a network drive for your computer or to know which free tools your company can use to handle SharePoint files from your Outlook, talk to us today and we’d be more than happy to help.


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